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Consideration of adherence to pharmacological interventions in publishing guidelines and protocols for clinical trials in covid-19

Poor adherence in clinical trials has several important consequences, therefore, it is important that those conducting clinical trials should take steps to try to improve adherence as much as possible and to measure it.

The aims of this project are in two parts:

1. A survey of the currently available guidelines (467 in all) published on the EQUATOR website [3] to document the extent to which adherence is discussed in each. A word search on the EQUATOR website for the word “adherence” yielded only three hits, one of which is the ESPACOMP Medication Adherence Reporting Guideline (EMERGE). Not all of the guidelines will be eligible for inclusion in this survey. Part of the research will be to classify the guidelines into those that ought to mention adherence and those that need not. The next step will be to make recommendations about how adherence should be included in guidelines. It may be necessary to develop different recommendations for the different types of guidelines that are eligible for inclusion.

2. A parallel study will be undertaken, to determine the extent to which adherence is mentioned in protocols for clinical trials (RCTs) of pharmacological interventions in covid-19. These protocols are listed on the WHO’s website and are available in full through the websites on which they are posted (e.g.

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