Urban futures and net zero politics: how can city visions help us achieve consensus?

In a world where the urgency of climate action is paramount, recent political controversies have cast a shadow on our collective efforts. Populist right-wing views have driven a wedge into the consensus around climate change, challenging even the feasibility of net zero targets. Visiting Fellow Tim Dixon explores these challenges and the importance of creating shared, long-term visions for our cities, transcending short-term politics, and fostering consensus through deliberative democracy in his thought-provoking blog.

Provoking controversial designs for effective sustainable change: reimagining Tronchetto, and Venice

Olivia White (BA(Hons), Architecture, University of Kent) joined the ‘Sustainable, Healthy Cities: Building for the Future’ Summer School in Venice co-organised by the GCHU, and presents her design for an urban neigbourhood in Venice.

International Conference on the Foundational Economy for a Just Transition

GCHU Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dr Astrid Krisch describes her experience of organising and participating in the 6th Foundational Economy Conference in Vienna, bringing together scholars, practitioners, and policymakers from across Europe and beyond.

Anna Williams: My experience as a GCHU Summer Intern

BA Geography student Anna Williams joined the GCHU on a four-week Summer Internship where she took on the role of Student Research Associate.

In this blog, Anna summarises her experiences of working in the GCHU research team and her advice for any students considering applying for future placement opportunties.

“Deliberative Democracy: How can it support us in our work?”  A workshop for local government

Dr Juliet Carpenter GCHU Director of Research and Senior Research Fellow Email: [email protected] Local authority leaders are increasingly challenged to engage meaningfully with citizens around contentious policy issues. Recent years have seen a growing mistrust of democratic institutions, and scepticism…