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What makes an age-friendly neighbourhood?

Engaging with the broader neighbourhood environment is a vital component of ageing well in place. However, depending on varied personal and environmental contexts, leaving the home can be far easier for some older people than others. To support ageing well in place, it is crucial that we design age friendly local environments that can respond to diverse needs throughout the lifecourse, enabling older people to remain independent and to carry out activities and interactions that give their lives meaning.

In this seminar, we explored what an age friendly environment looks like and consider what approaches are needed to support the diverse and dynamic health, social and mobility needs of older people living in Oxfordshire.


  • Professor George Leeson, Fellow of the Galton Institute, Senior Research Fellow, Kellogg College
  • Charlotte Lewis, Senior Programme Manager - Localities, Centre for Ageing Better
  • Sir Tony Baldry, Convenor of Age Friendly Banbury
  • Kelly-Marie Rodgers, Strategic Lead – Healthy Active Places, Greater Manchester Moving

The event was chaired by GCHU Research Fellow Dr Hannah Grove.

This event took place at 5:30pm on Wed 12th June at Kellogg College.

A recording will be made available shortly.

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Past events

Our GCHU seminars are filmed and are available to download and watch. Below is an archive of links to the recordings of all events in the GCHU Public Seminar series.

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24th April 2024
Chair: Emeritus Professor Timothy Dixon
Speakers: Dr Ani Raiden, Liane Hartley, Simon Grove-White, Nigel Carter

Roads to ruin? Public transport, inequality, and the way forward

6th March 2024
Chair: Dr Juliet Carpenter
Speakers: Sarah Leeming, Luke Marion, Anna Plyushteva, Pete Brunskill

COP28: Over and Out?

17th January 2024
Chair: Dr David Howard
Speakers: Professor Isabel Oliver, Dr Rosie Rowe, Paul Skinner, Cassie Sutherland

How can community wellbeing be supported in the neighbourhood?

29th November 2023
Chair: Dr Astrid Krisch
Speakers: Professor Jane South, Ansaf Azhar, Joanne Smithson, Simon Sadinsky

15-minute cities: Can they work for everyone?

11th October 2023
Chair: Dr Juliet Carpenter
Speakers: Professor Tim Jones, Julia Thrift, Cllr Louise Upton, Professor Richard Dunning

Re-imagining our urban future: how can city visions help us shape healthy and sustainable places?

14th June 2023
Chair: Emeritus Professor Timothy Dixon.
Speakers: Professor Michael Keith, Cllr Anna Railton, Dr Tolullah Oni, Mike Hood.

Systems change: How can cities accelerate progress towards net zero?

26th April 2023
Chair: Dr Katherine Maxwell.
Speakers: Dr Andy Kerr, Caroline Green, Dr Gireesh Shrimali, Maia Kutner

Why Adapt our Homes to Rising Temperatures?

7th March 2023
Chair: Dr Jesus Lizana.
Speakers: Dr Radhika Khosla, Dr André Paul Neto-Bradley, Dr Patrick Fahr, Charlie Luxton

Can citizens' juries help to address urban challenges?

18th January 2023
Chair: Dr Alison Chisholm.
Speakers: Dr Juliet Carpenter, Sven Evans, Professor Alan Renwick, Claire Taylor.

What Creates Healthy Cities?

12th October 2022
Speakers: Lord Best, Julia Thrift, Dr Stephanie Tierney, Councillor Susan Brown

Retrofitting and designing healthy built environments: How can buildings help our health?

15th June 2022
Speakers: Professor Rajat Gupta, Dr Anna Ulrikke Andersen, Cllr Michael O'Connor, Dr Sydney Ayers Mercer

Healthy by design: What role for the built environment in creating healthy cities?

27th April 2022
Chair: Lord Best
Speakers: Dr Helen Pineo, Iona O'Carroll, Dr Rosie Rowe

Artificial Intelligence in Urban Health: Is AI a solution for healthy cities?

9th March 2022
Speakers: Prof Gina Neff, Dr Alison Powell, Dr Esra Suel

The cycling paradox - how can cycling be encouraged as a healthy, sustainable, and safe mode of transport?

1st December 2021
Speakers: Dr Tim Jones, Dr Alison Hill, Steve Unwin, Louis Odgers, Professor Carl Heneghan

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods: Can they work for everyone?

13th October 2021
Speakers: Dr Rachel Lee, Patrick Lingwood, Lucy Saunders, Dr Scott Urban

Delivering healthcare for rapid urbanisation

23rd January 2020
Speakers: Annette Pluddemann, Lucy Stevens, Hubert Lam, Mikaela Patrick, Carl Heneghan

Managing migration: cities, governance, integration.

20th January 2020
Speakers: Cecile Riallant, Colleen Thouez, David Howard, Thomas Lacroix

Next steps? Mixed use, walkable cities.

24th October 2019
Speakers: Karen Barrass, Daniel Elsea, Joanne Murraybrown, Ben Murphy, David Howard

Europe, Migration and Cities.

9th July 2019
Speakers: Sarah Spencer, Phoebe Clay, Michael Keith

Kellogg Urban Knowledge Exchange seminar: Healthy Cities

8th January 2019
Speakers: Carl Heneghan, Danny McDonnell, Sian Whyte, Chris Naylor

Kellogg Urban Knowledge Exchange: Rapid Urbanisation

27th June 2018
Speakers: Fiona Harvey, Peter Osborn, Ben Bolgar, Bob Allies, Victoria Hills

Kellogg Urban Knowledge Exchange: Urban Heritage

7th June 2018
Speakers: Geoffrey Tyack, Leidulf Mydland, Debbie Dance, Barbara Weiss, Oliver Cox

Kellogg Urban Knowledge Exchange seminar: Urban Public Art

24th April 2018
Speakers: Cathy Oakes, Leon Wainwright, Clare Melhuish, Sean Henry, Steven Parissien