GCHU Public Seminars

Delivering healthcare for rapid urbanisation

23rd January 2020, Kellogg College, Oxford

Annette Pluddemann, Lucy Stevens, Hubert Lam, Mikaela Patrick, Carl Heneghan

Upcoming events

All seminars commence at 5pm and typically last an hour followed by a drinks reception. Recordings of the seminars will be made available here shortly after the event.

  • 13th October 2021
  • 1st December 2021
  • 19th January 2022
  • 9th March 2022
  • 27th April 2022
  • 15th June 2022

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Past events

Our GCHU seminars are filmed and are available to download and watch. Below is an archive of links to the recordings of all events in the GCHU Public Seminar series.

Managing migration: cities, governance, integration.

20th January 2020
Speakers: Cecile Riallant, Colleen Thouez, David Howard, Thomas Lacroix

Next steps? Mixed use, walkable cities.

24th October 2019
Speakers: Karen Barrass, Daniel Elsea, Joanne Murraybrown, Ben Murphy, David Howard

Europe, Migration and Cities.

9th July 2019
Speakers: Sarah Spencer, Phoebe Clay, Michael Keith

Kellogg Urban Knowledge Exchange seminar: Healthy Cities

8th January 2019
Speakers: Carl Heneghan, Danny McDonnell, Sian Whyte, Chris Naylor

Kellogg Urban Knowledge Exchange: Rapid Urbanisation

27th June 2018
Speakers: Fiona Harvey, Peter Osborn, Ben Bolgar, Bob Allies, Victoria Hills

Kellogg Urban Knowledge Exchange: Urban Heritage

7th June 2018
Speakers: Geoffrey Tyack, Leidulf Mydland, Debbie Dance, Barbara Weiss, Oliver Cox

Kellogg Urban Knowledge Exchange seminar: Urban Public Art

24th April 2018
Speakers: Cathy Oakes, Leon Wainwright, Clare Melhuish, Sean Henry, Steven Parissien