Beware the buzzword: how can community engagement actually improve housing?

GCHU Intern and BA Chinese Studies student Rebecca Gardner investigates how the UK’s housing crisis, extending beyond supply shortages to encompass monocultural estates and the pitfalls of community engagement, necessitates a nuanced approach, proposing Regional Building Hubs as a potential solution to empower communities, foster collaboration with small-medium sized builders, and address the multifaceted challenges inhibiting effective participation in housing planning.

Regional building material hubs: embedding viable circularity in the construction sector in the UK

GCHU Intern and DPhil Sustainable Urban Development candidate Yaseen Raad discusses the UK construction industry’s waste challenge, advocating for circular economy principles and the establishment of circularity hubs to promote resource exchange and awareness for sustainable urban development.

Deliberative democracy: an alternative for improving well-being?

GCHU Intern Aisha Valenzuela, an MSc student in Nature, Society and Environmental Governance at the University of Oxford, discusses the importance of citizens’ juries in modern-day democracy and their relationship with well-being, focusing on the effects on cities and environmental governance. This blog post draws on the findings derived from a scoping review conducted under the supervision of Dr Astrid Krisch.

Anna Williams: My experience as a GCHU Summer Intern

BA Geography student Anna Williams joined the GCHU on a four-week Summer Internship where she took on the role of Student Research Associate.

In this blog, Anna summarises her experiences of working in the GCHU research team and her advice for any students considering applying for future placement opportunties.