Call for Visiting Research Associates at the GCHU

The Global Centre on Healthcare and Urbanisation (GCHU) offers a limited number of ‘Visiting Research Associate’ positions each year to help foster collaborations with individuals and institutions working in relevant areas of health and urbanisation.

Visiting Research Associates will usually have a doctorate or equivalent research experience, and be employed by a University elsewhere in the UK, the EU or globally. During the associate period, they will be active collaborators with members of the GCHU team, through joint activities led by the Visiting Research Associate. They will also undertake their own research and writing whilst benefiting from the intellectual and institutional support of the GCHU, Kellogg College and the wider University of Oxford.

Successful applicants will have the title of ‘Visiting Research Associate at the Global Centre on Healthcare and Urbanisation’ for the duration of their affiliation. They will participate in GCHU events during that time, and will join the GCHU Research Strategy group, which meets termly. While there is no formal supervisory structure to the placement, Research Associates are encouraged to meet with GCHU team members to discuss their work, and to foster connections and collaborations.

Visiting Research Associates are normally appointed for a University term (October-December; January-March; or April-June/July), and will be expected to engage in-person with the Centre’s staff and activities throughout the duration of their appointment. One week after the completion of the Research Associate status, they will be expected to submit a summary of their research activities, outputs and GCHU collaborations during their association, for inclusion in the GCHU Annual Report and on the website.

There is no stipend attached to the position but funding will be available to support research activities such as organising a conference, seminar or workshop, up to £5000 (for pre-authorised research-related expenditure and on production of receipts). For the current calendar year, all expenditure should be completed by 31st July. Associates are expected to be based in or around Oxford.

Potential applicants are asked to email the GCHU Administrator [email protected] with the following:

  • a letter of interest in becoming a Research Associate, providing reasons for applying (maximum one page);
  • an outline of the research (between 1000 - 2000 words in length) and other activities that they intend to complete during their association with the Centre, addressing the aims of the Centre. The outline should include details of proposed outputs from the associate period, as well as a detailed budget and timeline; and
  • a curriculum vitae (maximum two pages).

Applications will typically be reviewed approixmately two months prior to the proposed term, and can relate to any of the three academic terms (2023-24). Applicants for the current period (up to 31 July 2024), are requested to send their application by 31 May 2024. A response will be provided within one week.

Applications will be reviewed by the Applications Committee, made up of members from the GCHU Board.

Further information

Eligibility and status

GCHU Visiting Research Associates are academics or researchers who are not a University of Oxford employee, worker or consultant and come from another academic institution where they hold an employed position, for a specific visit to Oxford, typically lasting between one month and three months.  During this time, they are based at the GCHU at Kellogg College and are permitted to use relevant GCHU and University facilities.

Visitors are required to sign a visitor agreement as a condition of being based on University premises, in which they agree to abide by the University’s regulations and policies.

Application deadlines

For applicants wishing to join during October to December 2024, applications must be submitted by 30th June 2024.

Review process

Applications will be reviewed by members of the GCHU Board.  Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed online. This selection process will typically take up to four weeks following closing date for the respective term applied for.

Length of appointment

GCHU Visiting Research Associates will typically maintain their affiliation for a minimum of one month and a maximum of three months. Any extensions or alternative arrangements will be reviewed by the GCHU Management team on a case-by-case basis.

Office space and locations

GCHU Visiting Research Associates are expected to be based in or near to Oxford. While remote discussions have proven to be effective in many cases, there is a unique energy and collaborative dynamic that arises when being physically present in the same space. We value the importance of face-to-face communication and discussion, which is why we seek to prioritise in-person engagement with Visiting Research Associates to ensure we harness the full potential of collaborative discussions.

Desk space will be made available in the GCHU Research Office, or an appropriate alternative location in the College for the duration of the appointment.


GCHU Visiting Research Associates are expected to fund and organise their own travel, visa and accommodation.

Lunch in the dining hall at Kellogg College will be provided for the duration of your time in Oxford.

The GCHU will make available a total of up to £5000 for each Research Associate position subject to approval, to support research activities and events that link to GCHU’s research interests. Appropriate activities to utilise the funding include:

  • Organising and hosting an event or workshop relating to the GCHU’s research themes, for example at Kellogg College.
  • Attending and presenting at an academic conference or workshop on behalf of the GCHU.
Expected engagement

It is expected that GCHU Visiting Research Associates will engage with the Centre’s research activities and events for the duration of their affiliation. Beyond the associate period, it is hoped that they will continue afterwards in an advisory capacity as part of the GCHU’s global researcher network.

The Centre runs a blog series on the GCHU website for researchers to discuss their interests and share their projects and expertise. It is anticipated that GCHU Visiting Research Associates will contribute to the blog series in the form of a summary article no later than one week after the end of their affiliation relating to their activities at the Centre.

Visa arrangements

The GCHU will provide all successful applicants with a formal letter of invitation specifying the intended activities of the visit, for visa purposes where necessary. Whilst the GCHU can advise which visa route(s) successful applicants should navigate, it is the responsibility of the applicant to organise their own visa and travel.