Building Towards Net Zero Carbon Homes

In collaboration with The Prince’s Foundation, the Global Centre on Healthcare and Urbanisation at Kellogg College, Oxford has launched a report on Building Towards Net Zero Carbon Homes.

The Prince’s Foundation, with partners Kellogg College, Oxford and the Global Centre on Healthcare and Urbanisation, launched a report in September 2022 compiling the evidence on Building Towards Net Zero Carbon Homes to make the strong case for creating Regional Building Hubs in order to scale up low-carbon legacy projects.

The report notes that the creation of Regional Building Hubs could address the current economic and environmental constraints faced when building or upgrading houses today. The report outlines how these Regional Hubs could assist the sourcing of building materials at a more local level, building local capacities and economies whilst reducing carbon footprints. They would enable small to medium-sized builders to access projects that are local to them, working with local landowners, and  improving skills supply chains and the quality of the homes. Regional Building Hubs would create an entirely new system and process of housing building, which it seems the construction industry desperately needs to meet current housing targets in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.

Over  six  hundred  research   projects   and   analyses   were   examined   to   explore  the  effects  of  fuel  poverty;  household  energy  efficiency;  indoor  air  quality;  embodied  energy,  and  the  ‘hidden’  costs  of  construction  in  relation  to  Net  Zero goals for buildings. Similar to the findings of the Commission on Creating Healthy Cities report,  the  evidence  shows  that  the  direct  and  indirect  outcomes  of  sustainable  construction  translates  to  healthier  people  living  in  healthier  places,  increasing  the  benefits  and  lowering  the  costs  across  economic,  social,  and  ecological  contexts.

With thanks to our contributors; Dr Brenda Boardman, Research Fellow at University of Oxford, Ben Bolgar, Executive Director from The Prince’s Foundation and David Howard Co-Director of GCHU, our case studies; Elite NuGEN, The Duchy of Cornwall, Travis Perkins and SNRG, the research team at GCHU; Chloe Curtis, Eleanor Cosford, Juan Valencia, Lucy Main and Michael O’Connor, and the editorial team Yanelle Cruz Bonilla and Alice Preston-Jones.