#StreetVoice Citizens’ Jury – First session

Highlights and reflections from the first session of the #StreetVoice Citizens’ Jury.

The Street Voice Citizens’ Jury has begun.

On Sunday 12th June 2022, 15 jurors met to consider the overall question of “How we can travel where we need to in Oxford in a way that’s good for health and the climate?”

This was the first of our four Street Voice Citizens’ Jury sessions, which will take place over the coming weeks. During the session, we had input from Claire Taylor, Corporate Director (Customers, Organisational Development and Resources) at Oxfordshire County Council, and from Karl Marlowe, Chief Medical Officer at Oxford Health who outlined how decisions are made by local government as well as the importance of the environment and clean air for health.

The jurors began to create a list of criteria for good transport policy, which will frame the Citizens’ Jury process and underpin the final recommendations.

During the session, live updates were tweeted out at @GCHUOxford, to share the witness presentations with wider audiences. Check out the presentations, and follow us live on the coming sessions on Saturday 18th, Sunday 26th June and Sunday 3rd July.

Next week, jurors will hear from witnesses on public health, climate change and transport, as well as from local employers and transport providers, with information that will feed into their deliberations and the creation of recommendations for the local authority.

Full videos of the speakers will be available here in the coming days. Follow us on @GCHUOxford, or get in touch by email street.voice@kellogg.ox.ac.uk