#StreetVoice Citizens’ Jury – Second and third sessions

Highlights and reflections from the second and third sessions of the #StreetVoice Citizens’ Jury.

The Street Voice Citizens’ Jury is well underway! As we approach the fourth and final day, we take a look back at the last two sessions, for an overview of the witness presentations that the jurors have taken in. 

Day 2 of the Jury was packed with speakers across the spectrum of topics that relate to the question “How can we travel to where we need to in Oxford in a way that’s good for health and the climate?”. Witnesses brought information and evidence in the areas of climate change, transport and health, as well as experiences from local businesses and employers, including one of the local transport providers. Statements were also presented to the jurors from those with lived experience of the recently introduced Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs). Testimonies were presented from people with both positive and negative experiences, from those living within and on the edge of LTNs, as well as from businesses affected by the schemes.  

Day 3 of the Jury continued with further presentations in the morning. The jurors heard from the County Council who gave an overview of the County’s transport policies, as well as hearing younger people’s voices, through a presentation from Cheney School. They were also presented with divergent perspectives on the value of LTNs from different viewpoints, including a team of district nurses and South Central Ambulance Service. The afternoon was dedicated to drawing out the key points from all the presentations, into overarching themes and potential proposals that could be put to the County Council.  

One thing that the jurors agree on, is that it’s a complex area that sparks lively debate! But they’re confident that they’ll come out of the process with a series of recommendations for Oxfordshire County Council to consider, that will contribute to making transport in Oxford better for health and the climate.  

Interested in seeing the information that has been presented to the jurors? All presentations can be seen on the Street Voice resources page.

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